“It is with a great passion for history and the fine arts that I source, buy and sell carefully selected objects. Antique and modern pieces of furniture, works of art, sculpture, paintings, photography, jewellery, textiles. The quality of each piece is an important starting point for an aesthetically balanced interior. Entering a home, where personal taste, expertise and life experiences can be observed, is always a memorable experience.”

The gallery in Stockholm

I opened my gallery in Östermalm in Stockholm in the autumn of 2017.
The gallery is a very personal space filled with antiques, contemporary art, paintings and sculpture. A deliberate mixture to inspire visitors to fulfill their own ideas at home, in the country, in the office or within their favourite setting, wherever it may be.
Since the start, my aim has been to hold a couple of exhibitions each year. So far, three Swedish artists have exhibited their works with my gallery at Linnégatan 29, all of them solo shows. Kristina Eriksson, Mats Bergquist, Mac Hamilton. It’s been a great honour to work with these talented artists.
” Extremely beautiful, personal, relaxed, feminine with a very calm and peaceful energy”.
Testimonial from client, who made their first visit to Linnégatan 29 in the summer of 2018.

Galleri Sylvia Enget, skyltfönster


Advisory. Inspiration
I often meet clients with plenty of experience from their own projects. Hotels, private residences, holiday homes or shops. Upon request, I can suggest different ideas of what can work within the space. An exchange of images often leads to a successful result.

As a previous partner of Esteten (supplying antiques to the trade), I have developed contacts and met clients at trade fairs in both France and Sweden.

House, Culture, Restaurant
On the side. Old houses have been carefully and sensitively restored in close collaboration with architects and building conservationists and thus a substantial value has been added to these properties.

Sylvia Enget