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Recent Acquisitions

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Shelf Italy 1960s

Chineese low table 19thc

Four panel screen 1940s

Project table 1950s

Guillerme et Chambron oak armchair 1950s

Cocktail ashtrays

All wooden table 1960s

Murano Glass Pendant

Mirror Italy 1940s

Table Tobia Scarpa

Table lamp resin 1960s

Stone object Antique

Ceramic Swedish artist Evert Lindfors

Sculpture stoneware 20thc

Pedestal birch wood 1930s

Artist table solid wood 1940s

Mats Bergquist Swedish artist

Planter large scale 20thc

Mirja Ilkka Painter

Rhyton glassware

Biot jar France

Bronze 20thc

Antique Biot jar France 18thc

Pair of cast iron pots

Sylvia Enget Recommends

A visit to Wanås Restaurant Hotel in Skåne Sweden.  “at the doorstep of the sculpture park The Wanas Foundation”. Listed again and again all over the world for it s perfection both in your room as well as in the high class kitchen.

Ongoing Project

Since 2017 I have been involved with a long-term project in Höganäs in the South of Sweden. An old industrial estate in central town has been transformed into an important meeting ground for the culture and business sectors. I am not only a shareholder in this project but also one of those responsible. The ambition is to make important trade fairs. The first one took place in 2019 ” Det Goda Livet” (The life of pleasure) and was a success in many ways. The number of visitors came out to be many more than we had expected. The ambition is to become the largest inspirational fair of the region concentrating on interior and exterior design as well as antiques.

Blå Hallen Höganäs